5 Essential Ingredients To Successfully Launch And Sell Your Course, or Membership Site

If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed or need some help with your online business this blog post is for you!

I'm Silvia Isachsen and if you know me, you know  I love to analyze just about everything and I'm constantly thinking about sales and marketing strategies. And as a result, I've naturally been observing some of the biggest online players, and I'm sharing five things they all have in common when it comes to marketing and selling their online programs.

I've written this blog post to help YOU understand why some people are very successful and why your course or membership site sales may be sluggish or even non-existent. Hopefully, upon reading this, you will be inspired to make some tweaks to your business so you can step up your sales and marketing game.

Here are the five successful strategies they all have in common: 

1. A Website

A clear, clean and uncluttered purpose driven website that includes; a clear message on the banner image, three to four lead magnets directly below the banner that leads you to an automated opt-in page, which subsequently leads to a funnel so, you can continuously bring in new leads for their email lists and programs. At least one of these funnels leads to free training. The navigation links typically lead to the same funnels, and there are usually links to your social media platforms, podcasts or YouTube channels. 

2. A Well-Crafted Brand Story & Message

The brand story can found on the about page, and it usually includes a bio and video that explains who you are, what your mission is and the transformation you offer your audience. This page is an opportunity for people to get to know, like and trust you and to engage your audience with your overall message and how you like to help your audience. 

3. Consistent Social Media Presence
A social presence is non-negotiable if you're going to have a thriving community and online business. You have to choose a platform or two platforms and consistently and continuously post to them. Tell people what you're up to and update them regularly. Go live, post stories, post pictures even when you are not selling but, make sure everything you post is in line with your offer(s). A podcast or YouTube channel is a great place to regularly broadcast educational and inspirational information that directly applies to your current promotion.

4. Free Training Such As A Promotional Video Series Or Masterclass

A promotional video series is very popular right now and it's an excellent way build a highly engaged audience and email list. If potential customers opt-in, they are definateley interested in learning more about your offer. And if you combine it with an email sequence, it increases retention and eventual conversions. Since building an audience is the most important element, I strong recommend free training as a part of your offer's promotional campaign.

5. Strategy, Funnels and Launch Calenders

If you're serious about scaling your business and generating more income, a strategy, funnels and a launch calendar are necessary.

If you want to learn more about funnels and the '5 Essential Ingredients To Successfully Launch And Sell Your Course, or Membership Site', tap the link below and join me for a free training.

xo Silvia Isachsen


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