Is Procrastination Flatlining Your Business?

Are you putting a lot of effort and long hours into your business and you do not see the results you want, like gaining traction with your audience, growing your email list, making an impact and generating income, you’re most likely procrastinating.

What is procrastination? It’s getting distracted by all the shiny objects and offers that you are bombarded with through your email and social media, and more importantly, putting off the critical tasks that will create impact and generate the income you need for your business.

Here are some common indicators that YOU are getting distracted and procrastinating rather than doing (the 5% of activities) that will give you the business and life you want and yearn for:

Top 10 Signs of Procrastination

  1. You’re waiting for the right time and conditions before you share your gift with the world and launch your course or coaching package
  2. You're getting stuck on technology and shifting your attention to tasks such as creating your logo, making a fancy website, posting cute social media pictures rather than creating content that serves and converts
  3. Scrolling through social media and comparing yourself to others who appear to be more successful than you and then feeling awful about it
  4. Buying course after course looking for that 'one thing' that will propel your business to success.
  5. You start projects, courses, and commitments and don’t follow through and are left feeling like you wasted your time & energy which can slowly erode your confidence
  6. You never have enough money for the right help, the right software or running paid ads that will give you the exposure your business needs
  7. You find it difficult to reach out and ask for help and struggle to trust anyone else to do a good job
  8. You believe you have to do and know 'everything' before you can launch your gift to the world. (Also known as perfectionism)
  9. You secretly feel like you don’t know enough, you’re not enough, and you lack the confidence to put yourself out there.
  10. You’re focused on learning every new marketing tools and tactics rather than bravely showing up for your business.

All of the reasons and excuses above are natural human tendencies because we innately want to protect ourselves from the things that frighten us — things like creating video series, doing webinars, going live on FB or IG or making and uploading YouTube videos and running paid ads.

These are scary because there's a risk of rejection and failure. But the reality is that anyone who has experience success started somewhere. And that usually means starting small, making mistakes and getting back up, applying your lessons and doing it all over again until it WORKS!

If you don’t stand up for what you believe and shake things up with your message and voice  (create polarity) your vision of helping people and self-actualization your dream will not come true.

Failure is a risk we all take as entrepreneurs, but by being tenacious and persistent and learning from our mistakes, we succeed. In contrast, failure is a guarantee when we procrastinate, make excuses and wait for the right, time, person, or course to follow through on our dreams.

It’s when we're committed to our goals and hold fast with tenacity to our vision and take action on the 5% of the activities that work that we inevitably become a success.

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