Why Many Digital Entrepreneurs Get Stuck


Let's face it, feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your digital business is no joke. It can ruin your day, your relationships and your business outcomes. The worst part is that you don't want to talk about how awful you're feeling about not being able to grow a list and gain traction online. If all the hard work you've done hasn't earned you anything but a headache and a case of low-self worth and esteem, this is the right blog post for you.

The struggle is REAL ... or is it?

Could it be that you're merely confusing the natural process of growing an online business with your self-worth?

It all starts with intention. If your business is based on being of service, solving your customers biggest problem, making an impact in the lives of your customer and selling your digital products, membership and coaching packages for a profit so you can continue to sustain your business and yourself you're good. 

If you start a business to be recognized, gain the praise of friends, family and peers, be validated, make a million in a minute or make it all about I, me, my then it becomes problematic and you risk getting emotionally stuck.

It's not like people set out to be ego driven, it just happens especially if you're new to the online space and are bombarded with so many ads and posts of people trying to stand out and project themselves that it can make you feel anxious and do stuff or be someone you normally wouldn't. 

But if you can you get aligned with your true core premise, your why and your purpose and, infuse it with your business, I promise you'll be on fire, and growing your own tribe will be easy. Yes! Easy. 

if you're not achieving the results you hoped for, It's my wish that you don't take it personal or blame yourself. You just need to get caught up on a few key principles that will help you separate your self-worth from your business.

Because your business might be an extension of you, but it is not YOU. You're the driving force and when you show up as YOU (not who you think you should be), your tribe will hear you, and they'll embrace your message and want more of you.

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