Amplified Podcasting For Beginners

One of the biggest problem online entrepreneurs have today is carving out a niche for themselves online. Amplified Podcasting will show you step-by-step ways to...

Grow Your Audience

Podcasting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to tap into your audience and connect and serve them on a deeper level by building a relationship and naturally cultivating the know, like and trust factor each time you release a new episode that inspires and helps them.

Build Your List

Effortlessly develop a following by just being you! Podcasting allows people to listen, learn, engage, subscribe and opt-in to your advice and offers. No more trying to entice strangers to download your valuable content, instead they will gladly opt-in.

Share Your Message

Your brand message speaks volumes and will automatically attract your ideal customer. Amplified Podcasting includes a comprehensive plan to broadcast your content to multiple platforms exponentially expanding your reach.

What You'll Learn

If visibility has been stopping you from selling your digital courses, products or services then this program is for you. Amplified Podcasting will help you:

Pick your podcast host, mic and recording & editing software

Set-up your podcast equipment and podcast host settings so you can get started quickly and easily without having to bootstrap.

Record, Edit and Upload Your First Podcast including an intro & outro

Learn how to record your podcast, use editing software, and select your intro music and compose your intro & outro script.

Market, Broadcast and Embed Your Podcast on Multiple Platforms.

Learn how to market, monetize and broadcast your episodes to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, FB and more.

Take A Sneak Peak Inside

Video-Based Training PLUS Live-Group Coaching and 1-hour private strategy & implementation call with Silvia Isachsen.

7 video-based step-by-step modules so, you can quickly & easily get your podcast up & running.

Introductions & Outline

Setting Up Your Podcast

Crafting Your Podcast Message

Selecting and Purchasing Your Intro Music

Recording and Editing Your Podcast

Launching Your Podcast

Marketing Your Podcast (learn how to broadcast to iTunes, Spotify Google Play, YouTube and more)! 

BONUS: Mini-Course on How To Create Your Podcast Art in Canva (valued at $97)

INCLUDED: 7 Live Group Coaching Calls (valued at $350)

BONUS: A Private 1-hour One-On-One Strategy & Implementation Coaching call with Silvia Isachsen (valued at: $500). 

PLUS: Access To Member's Only Community where you can get your questions answered. (invaluable)


How You'll Feel After Setting Up Your First Episode

Setting up your podcast and uploading your first podcast episode will make you think & feel...

You'll Have More Confidence About Showing Up For Your Audience

One of the first things you'll notice after starting your podcast is that your confidence starts to increase. If you've ever found yourself saying that you don't have the right voice, good enough content or that you're not tech savvy, this course is for you! We focus on building confidence through taking action!

You'll Become More Committed To Your Success

If you've ever found yourself feeling stuck or floundering in your business, there is nothing like committing to one thing The benefit of commitment is results that it yields. So if you've been trying 101 things and nothing is sticking, you will be pleasantly surprised what a weekly podcast can do for you business.

You'll Be Consistently Growing Your Business

Producing consistent weekly content design to educate, inspire and motivate is the key to connecting with your audience. This is what separates those who succeed and those who are fly-by-night. Being present, helpful  and top of mind is what sets you apart as an authority and the go to person in your industry.

What's Included In Amplified Podcasting?

This is a video based course with live weekly group coaching via zoom and an amazing FB Community.

7 step-by-step easy to follow video based modules. Plus you receive a bonus mini-course on how to set up your podcast art to iTunes specifications.

Yes, each week for 7 weeks you can participate in a live group coaching call where Silvia Isachsen helps you and answers your questions about setting up, recording, editing and marketing your podcast. 

Yes, you receive 1-hour one-to-one strategy & implementation coaching over zoom. You simply have to book your meeting on Silvia's booking system which is within the course.

There is lots of flexibility in terms of equipment, recording & editing software. I do however teach using Libsyn as my podcast host and I teach you how to record and edit using both audacity and camtasia. The principles of recording and editing are similar across platforms.

Brian Keith Gable's Testimonial

Founder of Fatherful. Leadership & Motivational Coach & Speaker.


Sharon Chapman's Testimonial

Pilates Expert & Business Woman



Because Podcast Art is a big part of creating and launching your podcast, we've added this bonus mini-course on creating your podcast art to iTunes specifications. 

Get Started Today!

If you're ready to grow your audience, build your list and broadcast your message to millions then Amplified Podcasting is for you!




7 Video Based Modules

7 weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

* One-On-One Private Strategy & Implementation Call

Member's Only FB Community

Lifetime Access

BONUS: Mini-Course on How To Create Your Podcast Art in Canva


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