How Podcasting Can Solve Your Visibility Problem

If you're a digital course creator, coach or consultant and you've tried selling your digital courses, programs and services, you probably noticed one big problem... VISIBILITY. How do you stand out and get your message and offer across over a sea of other digital entrepreneurs, coaches or consultants?

When you look at successful influencers they all have one thing in common; they either have a weekly podcast, YouTube Show, Weekly FB Live or IGTV. That's the secret to being seen and heard. SHOW UP consistently every week and provide relevant content to attract and engage your audience.

One of the easiest ways for you to gain traction is a weekly podcast. Why? Because podcasting requires less equipment, less money, less time and you don't have to be in front of a camera (fabulous news for introverts like me), and you don't have to have a production team!

The best part of starting a podcast is that people purposefully make time to listen to a good podcast at the gym,...

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